Grey Tuesday, trapped in the house

So, what have I done today, the day I started blogging my training? Erm, well I went to see the osteopath this morning and he stretched out my hip flexors and elbowed my illio tibial band (that's the fibrous band that runs down the outside of your thighs, mine are especially tight, resulting in painful knees). God, it hurt! I was doing heavy breathing as he put his weight down into his elbows. And he seems like such a nice lad.

I had planned to head out for a lunch time run and see how the knees hold up, but I realised I have been locked in by our upstairs neighbour – my key doesn't work in the bottom lock from the inside so, in theory, I could climb out of the window and unlock it from the outside, but I have put a window box right in front of where I'd need to climb. Oh well, I will go out when I am released a bit later, after all, the clocks have changed, so it should be light still.


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