At last, I am blogging my training!

Yes, I know I have been training for a marathon since the beginning of the year, and I know I said I was going to document my training, but the time has just flown by, and I have been distracted by the house move and my poorly knees.

 Well, so far I have run a total of 167.31 miles, which sounds like a lot, but is far less than I should have done by now, but I have been suffering with 'dodgy knees' (which is a medical term). That's what I get for going flat out at the beginning, in shoes that were worn out before I even set foot outside. I have been seeing the osteopath in the past week, and he is working on getting it all back in the right place and has taught me some magic stretches for my tight quads and ridiculously tight hip flexors; it's amazing I can stand up straight really with all these imbalances!

So, I will be documenting my training outside in the cold, grim North London weather, my gym/swimming/yoga exertions and I might even allow you an insight into what I eat…maybe that will encourage me to cut down on the biscuits that seem to have become a necessary accompaniment to a cup of tea, yes any cup of tea, not just a special celebratory one.


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