Apparently there is an eclipse…

It seems I should be able to view an eclipse down here in the South East today, it's pretty grim though and not a sign of the sun or an eclipse. I am just finishing off an application for funding so will pop out for a run in a bit.

Right, back from my run! The sun came out and I felt a bit warm and over dressed in my full winter gear…sweaty hands, urgh! I'm now icing my knees as per the instructions from my osteopath (I got some ice thingies from M&S the other day for…19p!! I had to look twice because nothing ever costs 19p. They are not really the right kind of things to ice your knees with, but I couldn't resist at that price). So, this is what I did: a three parks run, which involved venturing over to a park I've not been to before, which turns out to be rather picturesque and has free tennis, will have to get those racquets and balls out! I mixed up some running and walking to save the knees, and I felt generally quite good, picking up a nice brisk pace.

Distance: 5.25 miles

Time: 53.01 minutes

Average Pace: 10.06

Calories burned: 540

All in all a good run, with some interesting scenery (I also ran through a very old, higeldy-pigeldy cemetary) and a positive feeling. I got a 'beep' from a white van on the main road; I don't know what they expect to achieve by doing that…hmmmm.

I decided to go to a class at the gym tonight and eagerly paced along the street, realising as I got closer that I would have to say the name of the class out loud. 'Groove Funk please' I said to the lady on the desk. I discovered it's a street dance class, with some hot moves and, having placed myself right at the front in the middle, that the group had been learning a routine for weeks. Oh, I felt like a right stiff! I got there eventually though, but I do think I need a pair of funky pants for that class.

So, that was an hour and ten minutes of hard fast dancing which, according to a calories burned estimator online, means I worked off around 441 calories. I know my back feels tight after all that wiggling!


2 thoughts on “Apparently there is an eclipse…

  1. fitartist says:

    I didn’t feel especially groovy next to some of those girls. I’m sure I’ll ‘get it’ after a few weeks. At one point I looked round at all these gyrating moves and felt like the crap relative in the Generation Game!

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