For breakfast: the usual muesli with banana and tea. Lovely. I thought I would use up some left-over chicken and make a stew for lunch. I mixed it with lots of veg and when I came to taste it, I had a flashback to my Taid's 'Lopscouse'. 'Taid' is a Welsh grandad, and mine used to make this legendary stew which we called Lopscouse. I always thought this was some weird family word and that nobody else calls stew by this name, but I Googled it and there it is! Apparently it originated in Norway and was brought over here by sailors (somewhere else it said it was Irish, which would make more sense in my Taid's case).

Anyone else eat this delicious warming dish?

Well, the Lopscouse kept us going for ages, then I had a handful of nuts and a bit of pork pie at Christian's launch…oh, and some wine – oops! We then ended up having a takeaway from a place near our house; it was good! Had some dumplings, some wonton soup and a bit of satay chicken…a feast really!


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