Bad Timing

Ok, bad timing for the run and bad timing for the swim. I felt like I was running too close to having lunch so had a sloshy feeling in my stomach – urgh! It was well windy again and 'The Hill' in the park was quite an effort with a full-on sideways wind coming at me. I battled on though:

Distance: 4.50 miles

Time: 45.37 minutes

Average Pace: 10.08

Best Pace: 7.14

Calories burned: 453

I then decided to go for a swim. It was 'after school' time though, so the open bit of the pool was full of screaching kids. I ducked under the thingy and found myself in a lane with two women who like to swim side by side so they can have a chat. Jeez! They were of the 'I am not getting my hair wet…whatever' school of swimming, so probably didn't like the look of me. It was infuriating, so I ended up only swimming about 16 lengths, poor show. AND I forgot my flip-flops so probably have a verruca growing on my foot as I type (Edward says I am paranoid, but that place is grubby). So, the plan of action for next week is to swim in the mornings and run before lunch; I think that works out best.

On the food front, I have had the usual muesli, a chunk of chocolate, MeanBeanz on toast, a hot cross bun and I shall be having a chicken curry for dinner (Friday night is curry night in our house!) and a yoghurt. I forgot to add my plum and chunk of chocolate yesterday – it all adds up…to a big bum in my case!


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