Floppy Swimming Costume

Well, I deserve a medal of some sort for getting Edward to go swimming with me this morning – the look on his face when I suggested it! I managed to swim 1k, as did Edward, but he was a bit faster than me (he may not do these things as often as me, but has a natural talent. Grrrr) The thing I really like about swimming is when you have crackling in your ear and have to tilt your head to one side. If you are patient enough, you are rewarded with a lovely warm trickle of water and all is clear again. Mmmmm, warm trickle.

As the title of this post suggests, I have a floppy swimming costume. It's more a beach ensemble, and certainly doesn't stay in place when I do front crawl; I might was well not bother wearing it! I must invest in a more sporty number and maybe a swimming cap to stop my hair going so fluffy.

Just had some muesli and hot cross buns to refuel. Yesterday I was starving after my long run and had muesli, toasted sweet bread from 'Uncle John's Bakery', beans on a bagel, chocolate orange biscuits and chicken and mushroom pie with lots of veg. Oh, and yoghurt with banana. Blimey!


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