Bendy Artist

I went to yoga last night. I do love the feeling I have when hanging upside down with my head touching the floor, and all that deep breathing makes me feel quite high! We did some lovely 'warrior' poses and I felt very strong and certainly warrior-like! The thing I find difficult is switching off my thoughts during the relaxation bit – the teacher tells you to let the thoughts pass and clear your mind, then when she starts telling you to become aware of the room again and to allow your thoughts to return, I realise I've been off in daydream land. That needs some work!

On the food front, I had cheese on toast for lunch, some chocolate orange biscuits, an Aero Caramel (don't bother), home made lasagne and yoghurt. Must eat more fruit!

I am off to see the osteopath later, so will find out if my icing and stretching has worked at all.

I went to see the osteopath, and all seems to be good – the inflammation is going down, so the icing stretching combo is good and it means I can do some strengthening exercises too now. He gave me another good stretch and even clicked my back; ooh I do like having my back clicked – it's a bit like a tight hug! I don't have to see him now for two weeks.

I've just got back from a run, but I've decided the late afternoon/early evening time is just not good. I had a stitch! I never get stitches! It also hail-stoned, so my face got a battering. There were lots of ploddy women about, which made me think it's leading up to 'Race for Life' time.

Distance: 4.45 miles

Time: 44.23 minutes

Average Pace: 9.58

Best Pace: 6.55

Calories Burned: 451

I met Edward for lunch at Borough, so had some very tasty fritata and a delicious Boston Brownie from Konditor and Cook. Drool. I'm having the rest of last night's lasagne with carrots and broccoli, had an apple and an orange and I will have some yoghurt. Not too bad?!


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