Poorly me

I'm still not feeling very good: aching back of neck, headache, sore throat, coughing, sniffling. It's rubbish. I just want to get out and run, but you shouldn't when you have a 'neck down' cold, it will just take longer to get rid of. I'm wondering if a trip to the pool and a 'sweat it out' session in the sauna might be a good idea. Worth a try!

Various nourishing meals consumed in the past few days: two lots of veggie noodle soup, home made lasagne, strawberries with yoghurt…delicious, makes me feel all summery, even if the weather isn't bothering. I've been devouring lots of oranges and other fruit too, and necking the echinacea in an attempt to move this cold on. Apparently it's quite common to catch every cold going whilst marathon training – the level of activity challenges your immune system. And I thought it was making me fitter!


One thought on “Poorly me

  1. Shirley says:

    Good morning…sorry you’re not feeling well, but sure you will be better soon.

    check out my site. I think it will cheer you up and you may want to blogroll me. Hope so. 🙂



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