Forgot to look at the view…

I felt slightly better this morning, but feared the lurgy was spreading to my chest (not good when you're asthmatic). I have been going a bit crazy with not running though, so dragged Edward out into the sunshine. I really felt it in my lungs during the first part of the run and, as we ran up the hill to Alexandra Palace, I felt like my lungs would pop out of my chest. Phew. It's kinda special up there – we found some lovely little deer basking in the sunshine and the birds were singing happily in the blossom-heavy trees. Bliss. As we ran around the back of the palace, then down the other side, we forgot to take in the view, which would have been spectacular today. I only realised just now, and feel a bit hard done to!

It was good to go out without a specific goal/distance/time, just running and seeing how the body copes. So here's what we did:

Distance: 6.19 miles

Time: 1 hour 5 minutes 8 seconds

Average Pace: 10.32

Best Pace: 6.35

Calories burned: 733

I did make it to the pool yesterday, but didn't actually swim: it's the school holidays and I had arrived during the 'Kids Go Crazy and Splash Around Like Loonies' session, so ended up just sweating it out big time in the sauna. That pool is mad: they have these big metal pipes at the edge, which pump jets of water into the pool, like aggressive fountains, and the lifeguard holds up a sign every so often (I think it said 'Waves!') and the water undulates as the little heads bob up and down. I'm not sure if the sauna helped the body bug, but my skin feels lovely now!


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