Eat Like an Athlete

I am so full after the Easter weekend, so much rich food! I set off on Monday morning for my long run  – put off from Sunday because I was feeling fluey again and had lots of food to make for our visitors – and I felt so bad that I had to turn back and run home. I think it's to do with the fluey thing that is stubbornly hanging around and also due to having a great big lunch on Sunday, but stuffing myself so much that I didn't eat in the evening. I had my dodgy tummy experience after just 8 minutes on Monday and actually felt like a beginner: heavy legs, pounding heart, tight lungs. Boooo! Here is what I managed…under the circumstances:

Distance: 5.30 miles

Time: 58.03

Average Pace: 10.57

Best Pace: 6.17

Calories burned: 616

So, as I was heavily dragging myself along, I thought 'this is not good, I have to take this seriously if I am to do well'. It's just not good to set out to run a half-marathon having had no breakfast and no dinner the night before. I need to Eat Like an Athlete! Exactly what that means, I'm not quite sure, but I am going to make a conscious effort to fuel my running sensibly and to be hydrated at all times…I will be posting my daily intake on FitArtist for your scrutiny.

I am not impressed with this illness that is dragging me down as well – I went to join my local doctor today, having moved house recently, and was hoping to see someone and get something to knock it on the head good and proper, but I was told that I have to have a check up with the nurse first of all…in a week's time. Rubbish. On a more positive body-challenges note, I saw the osteopath yesterday and things are looking good, it seems I am a good girl, doing all my stretches, and I am not causing too much damage with my marathon training. Hoorah!


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