Two Herons, Two Rabbits and a Toot-Te-Toot-Toot!

…the man nearly fell off his scooter whilst craning to see me as he tooted. I might start waving at these people…

I did it! I did my half-marathon, the one I should have done over the weekend. I was determined to get it done sometime this week, just to boost my confidence really. I was a bit nervous as I set out, but felt pretty good and the tummy held out (2x Immodium), so maybe the 'eat breakfast then run two hours later' strategy is the way to go. I tried out my freebie gel and found it to be rather good, giving me a little burst of energy…the texture is a bit gross though, like wallpaper paste! As I guzzled it down, I kept saying 'ice cream and jelly' to myself, to make me think I was having something nice. The flavour was ok, inoffensive and no 'fake fruit' aftertaste and burps like with Lucozade. It was quite grey and windy out there, but the sun came out later on and made me feel happy.

Distance: 13.05 miles

Time: 2 hours 12 minutes 15 seconds

Average Pace: 10.08

Best Pace: 7.19

Calories burned: 1485

So, same again and I'll have done a marathon!


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