Ooh, my thighs!

I'm aching a bit after yesterday's run. Went out just now with Edward for a short, easy half hour. Not my favourite time of day to run, but I needed to get outside. It was quite overcast and this seemed to cause my GPS to give odd readings: like I was going really slowly when I felt like I wasn't.

Distance: 2.86 miles

Time: 29 minutes 45 seconds

Average Pace: 10.25

Best Pace: 7.03

Calories burned: 300

On the food front I have had muesli mix and banana, some Uncle John's Sweet Bread, beans and egg on toast, a bit of chocolate and I am having the rest of the spagetti bake thingy with veg for dinner and yoghurt for pud. Yesterday was rather carb heavy after my long run: bread and croissants for lunch, an orange, some toast with Ellie (which apparently made its way onto her Panini World Cup Sticker Book www.teablog.net), a bit of pizza for dinner and the rest of the ice cream. Health, health.

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