Pushing the thighs further

My schedule said '45 mins steady' today and I felt so good when I set out that I thought I would really push it and see how fast/far I could go. I kept a steady pace for a while, but then the thighs started to feel rather tired and it was very tempting to sit on one of the park benches (I didn't!). I did a combination of the 'three parks' near where I live, which can be pleasant in that there are lots of people about and it feels nice and summery, but on the other hand, I can feel like I'm going round in circles just to make the time up. For some reason I had dressed like it was February, so was getting a bit hot and sticky and possibly scaring other park users with my very red face.

Distance: 4.83 miles

Time: 45 minutes 23 seconds

Average Pace: 9.24

Best Pace: 6.48

Calories burned: 502

As I got further around, I became more and more depressed as my performance confirmed that I will probably never do a 45 minute 10k, as I would like to. I should remind myself I am training for a marathon though, and not a 10k.

I asked Edward to get some salad on his way home, to go with the tortellini, but he wasn't listening (very honest of him to admit that) and instead bought milk, orange juice, bread and cream and strawberry tarts. So, today's culinary delights are: bran flakes (felt like a change from the muesli mix-ooh, adventurous!), an orange, pastrami sandwich, some toast, small muesli bar, and I am making tortellini with 'garlic bagels' for dinner…ooh, and the tarts…yummy! It's not easy eating like an athlete when you live with someone who wants to eat like a darts player.


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