‘I just want to go home’

This is what I thought as I struggled around my run today, absolutely awful. I was down to do a '3 hour easy' run, and spent the first hour with Edward then headed off for the last two on my own. Yesterday I bought some sun block and sunglasses but, as I left, it was grey and looked like it would rain so I didn't bother with them but, as I got further away from home, it got hotter and hotter. This was my worst run yet: everything between my neck and my feet was either hurting, rubbing or causing me discomfort. I had a dodgy tummy experience, luckily near enough to the loos not to cause too big a problem (this is after taking Imodium as well), my lungs felt really tight and wheezy, maybe because of all the pollen around and, after I left Edward, I started to feel my old injury ITBS coming back to haunt me. I couldn't believe it, I've managed to fend this bugger off for months and now it comes back at this crucial stage. Arrrrrrghghghg. I was so far away from home, and with another hour and a half to go, that I decided to try a combination of running and walking, but it hurt too much and I know from experience that you shouldn't run on ITBS (it stands for Illio Tibial Band Syndrome and is basically a nasty tight fibrous tissue that runs from the hip down the outside of the thigh to the knee and, when it's tight, it pulls on the knee causing pain). I ended up more or less walking the last couple of miles home, sobbing a bit and feeling like I was never going to get there. Bloody awful. Here are the stats, which I am ashamed to put up:

Distance: 12.38 miles

Time: 2 hours 27 minutes 14 seconds

Average Pace: 11.54

Best Pace: 6.34

Calories burned: 1353

Actually, considering I walked quite a bit, those stats aren't so bad after all. I'm just very unhappy to be still experiencing the dodgy tummy after trying everything possible and to now have the additional challenge of the dodgy knee. I have five weeks left to sort things out and it's going very quickly.


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