Shhhhh, don’t tell my knee…

…but I went for a run just now and it didn't seem to notice! When I say didn't notice, it was still 'there' but not like yesterday where it stopped me in my tracks. So maybe the icing-stretching-yoga combo helped. It was quite hot out there so I put on my new 'Extreme Sports' suncream but, when I got back, I noticed I am developing a Garmin shaped patch on my wrist! Must remember to put cream on all exposed bits. Ahem.

Oh, listen to me, see how much happier I am when I have a good run?! Hmmm, just to strike a balance, things that bothered me whilst out just now:

Strange little man who looked like Mike from 'The Young Ones' wearing full on waterproof jacket and trousers AND a hat! We met at a junction in the path and he was just behind me for a while, then virtually sprinted so he could be in front-we were running at about the same pace, but he just couldn't cope with being behind (and Edward says there's quite a good view from there too!). Going back to his attire, there was a woman in the park too, doing a brisk-ish walk and, as I ran past her, I could hear a distinct rustling sound like she was wearing a plastic bag. Now, I see a few people doing this weirdy thing around here (seen it in the sauna too) and I want to say 'Are you stupid?! It's just sweat, you will not lose weight! As soon as you rehydrate it will all go back on again!'. Duh.

I did get a cheer from a man who was building a wall and what I think were words of encouragement from an elderly man I nearly swiped off his feet, I think he was being encouraging, he was smiling anyway.

Distance: 4.55 miles

Time: 45 minutes 1 second

Average Pace: 9.54

Best Pace: 6.52

Calories: 498


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