Sweaty Betty

It's scorching here in London Town today! I will wait until it cools down to go for my run. I went to see the osteopath this morning and he gave my ITB a good hard elbowing and dug into my hips a bit; it all feels slightly sore but better. Magic touch.

He said it's just going to happen when you are running this much, the muscles will be tight and won't want to relax. Just a fact of running life.


Oh, I'm so grumpy 😦

I left it until about 5pm to go running because it was so hot, but it was still hot, hot, hot…and I got hot under the collar. I invited Edward along for the ride and got told to 'watch your temper' when I had a go at him for going too fast. He has a habit of setting off too fast, sprinting up hills and legging it when he gets bored, so he can get home quicker. Hmmmm, that's not what it's about for me: I need to run for a set period of time, so there's no benefit in going flat out and I need to keep a set pace. Sorry to be such a moan bag!

Aaanyway, we went up to Ally Pally, so had the BIG hill to contend with, but had a down-hill stretch on the way back. Good bits: the view from the top, pretty clear, and the lovely deer. The thing with living in a big city is having to make your way through all the mayhem to reach a more suitable running area and, if you leave it until rush hour, it's quite a challenge! I guess all that dodging in and out must be good in some way…

Distance: 6.68 miles

Time: 1 hour 7 minutes

Average Pace: 10.02

Best Pace: 6.27

Calories: 654


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