Dirty Fingernails

Today I am down for a rest day, but I have been out in the garden 'mowing' the lawn because it was going crazy (by 'mowing' I mean cutting by hand with the shears). This then led to me dealing with our inherited 'compost' bin, which it turns out was basically just a bin for garden crap! With a tea towel over my nose and mouth, I dug all the stuff out and repositioned the bin for maximum composting action (it had previously been on concrete). Is it sad to get excited about composting? I then moved on to the front garden, where I cut the hedge and dug over the soil. All in all, a pretty tough session of four hours (in the sun) and, looking at various calculator things on line, means I've worked off a thousand and a bit calories! I can't see that myself, but my arms and back are certainly feeling it!

Is anyone actually reading this? Hello? I've looked at the blog stats, and it seems so, but I feel like it could all be a bit pointless…

Anyway, I am going to try and go for a swim later and, if I can find a floatation thingy at the pool, I will have a go at 'Aqua Running'. If I'm feeling brave!


4 thoughts on “Dirty Fingernails

  1. Benjamin Miller says:

    Yes, I read it but considering my aversion to (and lack of experience of) physical exercise don’t ever feel qualified to add a comment. It is interesting though and as soon as the aggregator pops up a little unread marker I normally visit to see the new article.

    It is nice to read about food though. I like those bits. You need a companion blog called Tasty Artist.


  2. fitartist says:

    Ahhh, I knew someone was quietly taking in my ranting! Made me smile about ‘Tasty Artist’ – I sometimes don’t bother doing that because I think it will bore people, but now I know it doesn’t, I shall add some more foody stuff.

    Ta! xx

  3. ann rapstoff says:

    yes I read youa blog Adele its me from VAIN liveart in Oxford, actually I often look at your site, as I think its wonderful and love to see you work developing. Totally feel for you on the mowing and composting I am currently fighting back the weeds and am thinking I could really get to love dandilions

  4. fitartist says:

    Ah, hello Ann! Lovely to hear from you! My friend Andrew suggested planting wild flowers on the lawn and calling it a wild garden…could look pretty!

    I’m off to tackle my weekly long run now, bit nervous!

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