Running up that hill

…with no problem. What a great run! It was stiflingly hot, but this didn't deter me. I set off towards the park at quite a brisk pace, feeling good. After a quick stretch, I tackled 'the hill' by sprinting up and walking down ten times. I would feel so well recovered after the walk down, that I was looking forward to the sprint up. Weirdo. The sunshine brought out a few people, basking in the sun – one man positioned himself on the bench at the top of my hill and cheered me on, I'm sure he meant well, but it was all a bit embarrassing! After my hills, I did a ten minute slow run home.

(I guess the average pace etc doesn't really count for much as I was walking down the hill…)

Distance: 4.23 miles

Time: 45 minutes 22 seconds

Average Pace: 10.43

Best Pace: 5.47

Calories: 514

After my run, I took my mat out into the garden to do my stretching, oh it felt good lying in the sun, trying to get my glutes to relax…until part of the pergola fell to within inches of my head.


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