BMX Boys

Had a little chat with two lads on BMXs whilst out – they would normally have intimidated the heck out of me, but they were quite sweet.

 ‘Is that marathon training?’

‘It is’ (gasp, huff, puff)

‘The one in Hampstead Heath?’

‘No, Edinburgh’

‘Wow, Edinburgh! Keep up the good work!’

Ah, bless ’em. Wasn’t entirely sure what I was heading out to do: schedule said ‘3x 10 off 5 jog’ whatever that means. I took it to mean something like go at a brisk pace for ten then slower for five and so on. God, I enjoyed the fast bits, I’m really getting into swinging my arms (this might seem like something small and insignificant to a non-runner, but it feels rather liberating when you do it!) and I love the feeling of passing everything by very quickly. I suppose I am beginning to think (or is that panic) about my 10k race on Sunday. I know I am not a fast runner, and I know I won’t do it in the 45 minutes that I dream of (not a chance!), but I don’t want Edward to beat me by loads after very little training.

Distance: 4.58 miles

Time: 44 minutes 5 seconds

Average Pace: 9.38

Best Pace: 6.00

Calories: 454


I’ve just been for a swim, ah, it felt good! I am feeling rather amused because a lad at the pool asked me if I am a professional swimmer! I laughed out loud. He thought I must be from Australia and he was very impressed with my swimming…(?!) He seemed to be struggling himself, so I suppose my attempts looked good to him.


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