What kind of fool am I?

Well, the kind who thinks it's a good idea to try and see how fast I can run 10k two days before the 10k race. Shouldn't have done that. It was incredibly windy (just checked the Met Office website and it says a wind speed of 20 miles per hour) and it hit my lungs with such force that my asthma kicked in big time. Felt rubbish. I was going at a good pace, all things considered, and my knee started hurting too, just to challenge me further. I just wanted to see if I could keep up a good pace for 10k, just to give me some confidence for Sunday. Here's what I did:

Distance: 7.30 miles

Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Average Pace: 9.36

Best Pace: 6.55

Calories: 755

So, I did the 10k in 55 minutes, which doesn't make me feel very happy, but if I can keep a steady pace throughout the race instead of intermittently running like the clappers, it will be more enjoyable and manageable. I am beginning to feel nervous about it all, and we now have a support group it seems, who will probably have high expectations! Maybe I should point out that I don't actually enjoy races, and taking part in this event is really just a practice to get used to the mass participation thing before the big day.

If you are in the Manchester area on Sunday, and want to come along and cheer us on, check out the map here (we start at 10am) and you can watch the race from the comfort of your own home on BBC 2 at 4pm. I will be debuting my new bright yellow racing vest, so you should be able to spot me amongst the other 25,000 people. Maybe. Oh, and my race number is 6465.


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