Great Manchester Run

…hmmm, but the weather wasn't so 'great'! Well, we did it! Thank you to Gaelle, Steven and Eloise for looking after us and giving us delicious champion food to fuel our run and to Steven and Eloise for trudging out in the rain to cheer us on (although I missed them completely and spent the run scanning the crowds for them, ready to 'high five'!) Thank you also to the Hills for coming out and supporting, and for a lovely post-run re-fuelling marathon of eating!

I can't say I enjoyed the run as such, but I learnt a few things in preparation for my BIG RUN in three weeks. I also had a few high points that made me feel very happy: the first moment of delight was as Edward and I walked into town and who should run towards us in a tight little group, but the elite male runners, warming up, I was so happy to be in such close proximity to athletic perfection and hoped some of whatever it is they have drifted through the air towards us! The second joyous experience was making eye contact with Sir Alex Ferguson, who started the race along with Freddy Flintoff, Dennis Law and Vera Duckworth (see photo taken by Ela).

Start Line

The run itself was hard: the first km felt like a challenge to stay on your feet, trying not to trip or be tripped by someone cutting in front of you – people can be quite rude! I had imagined some parts of the course (like the long Chester Road stretch and being outside Old Trafford) to either test me or lift me, but I hardly registered these things, as I was too busy keeping my footing and my pace; the one aspect that did lift was the various bands and any cheers that came from the wet bystanders.

When I train for my marathon I train in miles, but I set my GPS to kms and also took in the km markers along the course, this was quite refreshing with kms being shorter so seemingly being ticked off at a faster rate (these psychological games really do help!). There were some really tight 'bottle-necks' along the course, especially running alongside the Imperial War Museum, where I saw a woman lying on the ground, having fallen (she was being cared for), and there were many times when I had to skip up and down the pavement because of the sheer volume of runners.

Seeing the 9k mark was good, then the 800m and then 200m. I managed a brisk 'sprint' to the end, but felt quite queasy and probably looked awful! So, here are our official times:

Adele, in 6915th place (out of 25,000) in 53.37 minutes and Edward in 3696th place in  49.06 minutes – well done Edward!

Here are my Garmin stats:

Distance: 9.97 km (?!)

Time: 53 minutes 37 seconds

 Average Pace: 5.23

Best Pace: 3.56

Calories: 665

Group shot

(Michelle, Alex, Greg, Me, Edward and Steph – check the weather, that foil wrap was definitely needed!)


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