I was supposed to run for three hours on Sunday, which would roughly be about 18 miles, but because of the 10k race, I shuffled my schedule around and did yoga last night (lovely) and my long run today. At last the rain had stopped and the sun came out as I headed up to Hampstead Heath. Luckily I am writing this after stretching/showering/eating because I was not in a good mood when I first got home! I must admit I found the uphill part of the run easier than last week, maybe because I knew what to expect and also knew I could do it. By the time I got to the heath my knee was really hurting, so I stretched out a bit then got drenched by a sudden shower. This pain wasn't going away and then my left knee decided to join in as well-aaarrrghgh! I do love being on the heath and it was nice and quiet, with the odd dog walker or runner and I enjoyed splashing through the puddles and jumping over the muddy swamps. But this pain was pretty awful and kept stopping me in my tracks.

 The thing that worries me is that I have just over two weeks to go, and it all seems so hit and miss: one day you can feel amazing and have a fantastic run, but the next everything can hurt and you feel crap. I guess I just hope that the day of the marathon is the former!

Distance: 13.08 miles

Time: 2 hours 39 minutes 55 seconds

Average Pace: 12.13

Best Pace: 7.28

Calories: 1400

So, I did a half marathon, which I am scheduled to do this weekend. Do I try and do the 18 miles this weekend, or leave it and start my taper?


This photo is from Gaelle – Steven took is as he and Eloise cheered Edward on, this is on the home stretch and Edward looks happy still!

Evening Update!

I was sitting here getting stiffer and stiffer in the knee department so I decided to go for a swim…it really did the trick! Breast stroke was a bit painful but I was really going for it with the front crawl. I did 1k.


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