…that's my name for the particular brand of fake swimming that was going on down the pool today. I was having a little look around when my face was under the water and there seemed to be a spate of fakers with their feet bobbing along the bottom and their tops moving like real swimmers! There is also a trend (amongst men) for swimming on the bottom of the pool. Hmmmm.

I decided against running today so as not to aggravate my knee, so did 1k in the pool. I wore my swimming cap for the first time – never worn one before so felt a bit self-conscious. I spent ages before I left trying to locate my goggles (I borrowed Edward's yesterday, but my eye sockets felt bruised afterwards!), which had found their way into some winter running gear. I now have what look like black eyes, I can't seem to get it right – too loose and the water gets in, too tight and my eye balls get sucked out!


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