Yellow Submarine

I was slightly wary of venturing out today, with a gun man on the loose, but I realised I wouldn't even have known about it if we hadn't been in Islington last night just after the attack happened. The rain has stopped and the sun has come out, at last. I just went out with the intention of running for 90 minutes, but seeing how the knee coped. Well, things were good – the knee was 'still there' (Edward mocks me for using this phrase) but not so much as to stop me running.

Along the run, I was suffering a bit from boredom so decided to try a new distraction tactic and 'sung' to myself, I don't mean singing out loud, there is no way I'd have the breath, but 'singing' in my head. First of all I worked my way through some Cole Porter songs, then ran out of songs that I know the words to…I ended up picking my way through 'Yellow Submarine'. I must look so serious as I run: chest out, arms strong, face determined…and 'we all live in a yellow submarine' passing through my thoughts!

Distance: 9.29 miles

Time: 1 hour 34 minutes 42 seconds

Average Pace: 10.11

Best Pace: 7.02

Calories: 994


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