The Urban Fox

I spent some of my run looking at a mangy fox in the cemetary. I felt a bit sorry for it: its coat was in a poor state and its tail was thin and balding as it sat there scratching itself and looking at me, unimpressed. Not a patch on our little fox cub…we knew there was a pregnant vixen using our pergola for shelter, but hadn't seen any cubs until the early hours of this morning when we watched as one attempted to jump over our fence into next door's garden, setting off their security light. It's really rather perfect, all furry and cute with a tiny white tip on its tail. Ahhhh.

 Anyway, that's enough of the David Attenborough! I didn't really give myself the right kind of fuel for this run (four cups of tea and one of Edward's delicious chocolate chip muffins that he's made for Edouard's birthday weekend, after I had my porridge, that is) and my legs felt like lead. It was very windy too, so it felt like hard work.

Distance: 4.32 miles

Time: 45 minutes 51 seconds

Average Pace: 10.37

Best Pace: 7.09

Calories: 465

We're heading off to Wales later and hoping the rain stays away so we can go out walking and enjoy the river nearby. I will save my half-marathon for Monday then it's time to taper…only 15 days 17 hours and 46 minutes to go. Arrrrghghg!!!!


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