I think it’s a PB!

I know, I haven't posted for a few days. We went to Wales over the weekend, for Edouard's birthday and I was busy catching up yesterday, so here I am. I went to the osteo this morning and he did a magic stretch that I can get Edward to do that seems to ease the tightness in my ITB; he also clicked my back and elbowed my hips a bit…it felt ticklish more than anything!

So, I was supposed to do a half marathon over the weekend, but it got jiggled around to today for various reasons, and I'm glad. It even got jiggled around within the day and I ended up heading out at about 3.30pm, not normally a good time for me, but it was all pretty perfect! During the first mile I had a mysterious pain on the left hand side of my chest. Now, if I was an overweight middle aged bloke, I would probably call an ambulance, but I'm not and I didn't and it soon passed, a stitch I guess. Once this had gone my breathing felt really good, as if I had more than my usual share of air in my lungs: I could kind of take an 'extra' breath, and felt fantastic. The marshes were really beautiful, all over-grown and lush, cow parsley and wild flowers all around and the sun was shining; I even saw a family of swans…little 'ugly ducklings'. I had a moment of realisation as I headed along a particular path: many months ago, when I started out on this marathon training, I would run along there on my then 'long runs', probably just six or eight miles, and it would be so cold that there was a white mist over the water and a crisp sparkly blanket on the grass, and here I was, less than two weeks away from the marathon, in the sunshine and feeling great! I felt a real sense of progression. These thoughts and the good lung action helped me deal with the slight niggling knee pain and the annoying ankle stiffness that seems to go if I rotate my foot a few times, I imagine it's just overuse.

Distance: 13.01 miles

Time: 2 hours 12 minutes 26 seconds

Average Pace: 10.11

Best Pace: 6.43

Calories: 1410

Oh, I just looked back over my old posts, and this isn't a PB! I ran a similar time on April 20th. Oh well, I'm not necessarily trying to get faster at this stage anyway!


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