All my stats!

PE sucks! I have just been out for my last run before THE BIG DAY! It was scortchio out there, but a bit overcast so felt like there was no air…it was tough, and only a short 30 minuter. I did a 'Two Parks' and there was a PE lesson going on in one of the parks. A group of young lads were struggling to run around the park and, as I ran past their teacher, he shouted to the kids: 'If I see any of you walking, you will be doing this next lesson too!'. Ooh, that made me so angry, but I managed not to have a go at him (wish I had now). This incident brought it all back to me, my dread of doing PE at school and how running is always made to be the punishment – our teacher used to make people run around the field if they were caught chewing gum, or answered back or whatever. Now these lads were generally pretty unfit and some were quite overweight, how much more sensible and productive it would be to allow them to do a run/walk combination and then see some kind of improvement over the course of a few weeks. Is that likely to happen though?

Distance: 3.38 miles

Time: 31 minutes 2 seconds

Average Pace: 9.11

Best Pace: 6.51

Calories: 319

At this stage, I am overly aware of any little niggles in my body, worried that they will plague me on THE DAY. For the past few runs, I have had knee/ITB pains, but maybe now I just need to grin and bear it. On the food front, I am a bit confused. I have mentioned my dodgy tummy before (apologies for graphic descriptions) and yesterday I had a letter to say I am going for a Gastroscopy Investigation next Thursday to find out if I have Coeliac Disease (gluten intolerance). When I saw the specialist, she said I need to eat foods that contain gluten before the procedure so that it is possible to detect any problems, well I've been cutting down on these foods recently simply because it makes me feel better and now I have this thing next week, so need to eat the stuff…I don't know if my cutting back will effect the test. Oh bugger. Anyway, that's may be the least of my worries: a camera being stuffed down into my stomach is not a jolly prospect!

So, what's the title all about? This morning I thought it would be interesting to add up all my stats for the marathon training period. I thought I would be blown away by the figures, but I wasn't, but I guess I must remember I had some very low mileage periods due to injury. Here you go, to reach this stage in my marathon running career I have (since the beginning of the year):

Run: 396.34 miles

In: 70 hours 50 minutes and 20 seconds

Burning a total of: 41,825 calories!!

This doesn't include the various yoga and swimming sessions I have done in addition and during injury, so I guess I could give myself a pat on the back. It has been said that running the marathon itself is nothing compared with the effort it takes to get to the start line in the first place. Not bad, eh?!


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