And now for my next challenge…

This morning I went for my first proper training session since my marathon last Sunday (I won't count the 20 minute pootle on the tready at the gym on Friday and the crappy 'induction' I paid £20 for, but felt I could have worked out for myself. Harrumph) I have had a great week, relaxing, eating all sorts…and having a few little drinks, much to Edward's amusement as I was drunk after a sniff of anything mildly alcoholic! I had read many accounts of people having to walk downstairs backwards after running a marathon but, other than the initial wooden-leggedness on Monday, I recovered remarkably well, like nothing had happened! I was nursing some nasty friction wounds though: two toe nails with blisters under them (I thought I might lose them, but they seem to be holding on) and some nasty bum blisters, yes really, blisters on my bum from the seam on my leggings. Ouch. So, I have been raring to go, but made myself rest until today.

So, what do I have up my sleeve for the next big challenge? In September, I am taking part in an exhibition in Lincolnshire called Beacon, where I will be creating work for two disused railway waiting rooms in Sleaford and Boston and making work to be shown/distributed on the train itself. Anyway, I really wanted to explore the area and thought what better way than to run…the length of the railway line between Nottingham and Skegness!! A basic 'routefinder' thing works it out to be about 80 miles, but I think it will be further. I will run over the course of four days, with sherpa Edward carrying the camping gear and offering support from his bike. I will be documenting many elements of the expedition and taking lots of photographs along the way. I will add more information as the project develops.

This kind of physical challenge requires quite specific and demanding training, so I am taking advantage of the level of fitness I have from the marathon, and leaping straight into it, with six weeks to go until we set off of on August 1st. I will be splitting up the 20 miles or so into two sections each day, so need to get used to twice-a-day running, and I'd like to mix things up a bit to regain the upper body strength I have neglected recently. So, this morning I got up early (thanks to our upstairs neighbours stomping around like heffalumps) and did a six mile run, ran home to pick up my swimming stuff, went to the gym, did some weights/abs/stretching then swam 1km. I felt pretty heavy and knackered on the run, my asthma making my chest really tight, but also felt great to get out and had lots of friendly hellos from the bicycle commuters who monopolise the tow path at that time.

My Garmin wasn't working this morning for some reason, so I had to use a regular stopwatch. Here are some recent stats from the same distance:

Distance: 6.09 miles

Time: 59 minutes 42 seconds

Average Pace: 9.48

Best Pace: 5.26

Calories: 640

I will try and fix it for my next run.

Evening Update!

I miss my Garmin 😦 I have let the battery run down and I'm recharging it now because the screen had frozen; hope it works. So, I went on my second run of the day, just a short thirty minute run, which would make it about 3.5 miles. I felt good, but do feel odd not knowing how fast I'm going, I felt like I was constantly going too fast (felt good overtaking other runners though!) I've just had my dinner which was brown rice with tuna steak and I made a Thai kind of sauce to go with it (coconut milk, chiles, coriander, garlic and lime). my lips are very pink and tingly now!


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