A rest day…well maybe just a little swim

I decided that, as I am going to be quite active this coming weekend, I should have a rest from the running today. I did, however, go for a little swim, but didn't make it to the pool until about 4pm because I was busy…bad timing, 'mad kids swimming in all directions' time. I did manage my 1km swim, but had a few near misses with overgrown flumps floating into my path. Tsk.

I have become rather intrigued by the stats on this website: I can see the search terms people have used to arrive at my site and it's quite interesting. 'Running Porn' is a popular one (oh, they must be so disappointed 😉 ) another popular one is 'ITBS' or 'Sore knees from running', but more often than not, people are trying to find out how many calories are burned when running. I thought I would be helpful and give some basics:

A rough estimate is about 100 calories per mile, this is more if you are heavy (I guess because you have more to carry). If your reason for running is to burn calories, try running long and slow and also mix in some interval training. Always start gently and build up slowly, to avoid injury and boredom.

So, there you go, a little shortcut for all those Googlers!


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