Stat-free running

Once again my Garmin has conked out; I don’t know what’s causing this, but I need to get it sorted because the data is very important to my work at the moment. So, I went on a stat-free run. As I left my street a bloke was sitting on some railings and did some strange hand gestures at me, for some reason I turned around and called him a ‘dick’. Oops. I normally ignore these people, but I guess I had had enough. I must watch I don’t do this again, you can’t risk it around here.

I went down to the canal and into the marshes, which was lovely: a really sunny and hazy kind of day and all the grass and wild flowers are overgrown and lush. I don’t know how fast I was going, but it felt a bit too fast in places. Something I have noticed on my last couple of runs is that I feel fitter. Hmmm. FitterArtist! I don’t seem to go through that awful bit at the beginning of a run where you feel like death until you’ve warmed up properly. It feels good! As I approached home an old guy said ‘Hey, can I run with you?!’ and I replied ‘If you can keep up!’. He had a go, bless him.

After my run, I went for a swim. I don’t know when the best time to go to the pool is, it always seems to be busy when I go. I was swimming around the floaters and trying not to knock anyone out. I did 1km. Oh dear, I forgot to put a bra in my bag when I left the house, so had to walk with my arms kind of folded in front of me until I got home. Won’t do that again!


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