Around the parks

I did a ‘three parks’ run this morning. It’s pretty damn hot out there now and I felt it. I caught up with the boys’ PE class again, this time some of them were running around the field in their uniform – in blazers for goodness sake, in this heat! Poor things will be sweaty all day now. That teacher needs his head testing…talking of which, I keep encountering a school group at the pool and their teacher is simply mad. She screams at them like a banshee and the other day one of the girls (they are about 10 years old) was trying to put her swimming cap on next to me at the mirror and this woman yelled ‘Get away from the mirror!’ screach, screach ‘You are not allowed to go near the mirror!’. Poor girl was struggling to get her hat on without looking. Why?!!

It was pretty hot for my run, and I didn’t have much time because I have to go and catch a train, so I didn’t fit in a swim 😦

Distance: 5.72 miles

Time: 55 minutes 45 seconds

Average Pace: 9.45

Best Pace: 6.48

Calories: 605


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