National Backstroke Day…

…was offically launched in my lane today. There were six other people swimming in my lane and they were all doing backstroke! Very strange. So I weaved in and out and avoided being swum into and did 1km.

I was in a funny mood today, maybe the hot yet wet weather, maybe just the waning of the moon, but I really didn’t feel like running so I didn’t. I will make up for it tomorrow. I did, however, pay a visit to Runner’s Need in Liverpool Street to check which shoes I need now my beloved Asics 1090s are no longer with us. The lad who served me was so flippant about changing model and even got me to try another brand! That didn’t last long as the arches were too high for my liking. It turns out I need the 1110s and in a size 6 rather than 5 1/2, which should help the toe nail situation. They didn’t have them in my size though, and I tried on a pair of shorts, which made my legs look really fat. Maybe this contributed to my mood 😦

Now, my toe nails…I did mention after the marathon that I had blisters under the two second toe nails and they seemed to be staying put but, this week I noticed that they are definitely coming off. Yuk. One of them even has a healthy new nail growing underneath, I’m quite pleased with that. I’m getting through a lot of plasters at the moment, covering up the gruesome view when I wear my Birkenstocks.


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