Map Reading

Map Reading  Map Reading 2

This morning Edward and I went for breakfast at a local Turkish cafe. I took all my maps with me and we discussed the route for our BIG journey across Lincolnshire. I think I have decided on the title ‘Across the Line’, so things are happening slowly. Looking at the maps, it’s difficult to see whether a road is going to be suitable or not, thinking about the country roads around where my parents live in Wales, a road that looks manageable on a map often turns out to be like a race track for local boy/girl racers. So, we discussed what was really important: is it being as close to the track as possible? Yes. Is it visiting every station along the route? Yes. Is it being safe? Yes. Is it enjoying the trip? Yes. So, lots of things to consider!

Safety is definitely an issue, we can’t be spending our time in the grass verge/ditch avoiding being run over, so will sketch out a provisional route and allow ourselves flexibility as we go, making decisions when we can see the road ahead…I think the decision making process is a big part of the work and will document this somehow, maybe creating a downloadable Podcast of thoughts.

So far I have been quite precious about the maps themselves, carefully unfolding them and being careful not to crease them. I have realised that I need to be more practical and will cut them down to size, focussing in on my route, and I bought one of those water-proof map carriers to go around Edward’s neck.

This is all getting very exciting!


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