Up and down, up and down…

After my run last night I was totally whacked: I lay on the sofa after dinner staring like a zombie. I feel good today though, so that’s good, recovery is on form. I decided to go to the gym and do some weights and have a swim. My legs felt a bit tired, so the squats I do against the wall (put your back to the wall and ‘sit’ on an invisible chair with legs at 90 degrees. I hold it for 60 seconds) were a challenge. The pool was lovely and quiet and I got the lane to myself after the other woman in there disappeared, I hope I didn’t scare her off.

1 km

I think I’m getting faster in the pool; I must time myself tomorrow.

I have just been ‘chatting’ on MSN with Edward’s cousin Liz in Canada. We were talking about triathlon (yes, here is a big hint at what is to come after the BIG run) and I was getting tips from Liz because she has done an Olympic distance tri. I was thinking a sprint would be a good way in, but she said I should go straight to Oly or half-ironman. Why not, eh?


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