I would run a mile!

And I am. I shall be setting off shortly to do the Sport Relief Mile down on Embankment. I do feel silly going on the Tube to then run a mile and get the Tube back, so I might run one of the journeys to make it worthwhile. You can watch the live show on BBC 1 from 10.30-12, I will be wearing a red vest and the number A4225425 (I think I’m in the first ‘wave’). Update to follow.


I did it, and here are some photos.

Colin Jackson

Lovely Colin Jackson.

Kelly Holmes

My hero Kelly and the basketball player from the BBC idents


Adele and Jamie

Me and Jamie Oliver!!

So, it was not as busy as I had anticipated and I had a nice warm up run from Liverpool Street (only about a mile) and waited around a bit to start. It was great to see a couple of my heros, Colin and Kelly, and to bump into a very knackered looking Jamie Oliver. When we started I got caught behind lots of kids, so had to try and dodge between them, nearly knocking a bloke over – sorry! I know it’s definitely just a fun run, but I can’t help myself and tried to run quite fast…but I’m not terribly fast, so came in after seven minutes 😦

Distance: 1.02 miles

Time: 7 minutes 36 seconds

Average Pace: 7.25

Best Pace: 5.53

Calories: 103

I had thought of running home, but forgot to put any sunblock on and it’s scorchio out there, so didn’t want to risk getting sunburn.


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