I’m in a foul mood today and everything is testing my patience. I woke up feeling crap and nothing seemed to make it feel any better, especially this run. It’s about 33 degrees and my mouth felt instantly furry as I set off, but I was keeping a good pace with Mr Garmin beeping ‘slow down’ at me. After I was about 2 miles into the run, my tummy started to feel wrong. I tried to ignore it, hoping it might go away, but it got worse to the point where I was crouched over holding my stomach. I was near a park that I don’t normally venture into and checked out the information board which indicated some loos at the top. I couldn’t run, so walked slowly to the toilets. So now I have some new loos for emergencies.

As I was running along the canal there were some kids having a kayaking lesson and one of them let out an all mighty scream, the kind that makes your hair stand on end. I thought someone must have fallen in, so rushed over. It turns out they had drifted towards some stinging nettles. City kids, tsk.

These stats are probably slightly flawed due to the park walk section, but I was going quite fast during the running bits, so maybe it’ll even out.

Distance: 6.89 miles

Time: 1 hour 14 minutes 58 seconds

Average Pace: 10.53

Best Pace: 6.29

Calories: 728

Part of my day’s frustration is due to trying to plan out my journey through Lincolnshire. It seems like the run will be more like 90 miles and with the way things work out, one of the days will be significantly longer than the others. I have been trying to find campsites that fit in with where I will need to stop, and I’m having real problems finding one close enough to Sleaford or Heckington. If anyone knows of a campsite or friendly farmer in the area, please let me know!


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