I *heart* Spinning!

So, I bit the bullet and signed up for direct debit at the gym, and did away with my monthly top-up ‘Eazy’ card. I know I will use the gym no problem, but it’s not my ideal choice, so I really need to convince myself that it’s ok, and overlook its grubbiness and slimy blokes (although you get them at posh gyms too!). I did all the paper work and then ran upstairs to the squash court (yes, really) to do a Spinning class – you can hear the sweaty squashers grunting as you ‘reach the top of the hill’.

The last time I went to a Spin class there I was quite disappointed: the teacher seemed to have a kind of blank expression and was disengaged from the participants, while she sang at the top of her voice, and one of the other women even had her baby with her in a pram! Tonight’s teacher was really good though, and noticed that I was ‘new’, so came over and told me what to do and made sure I was ok.

I always forget just how tough Spinning is: even when you go four times a week, you can keep pushing yourself further and never reach a plateau. Of course, I was really going for it and had a little pool of sweat around my bike. The instructor also did a thorough stretch at the end, which is a good sign. As I was leaving two other women started chatting to me, and seemed really friendly – this made me happy because I often feel invisible around here. Maybe it’ll do me good to make some gym friends again.


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