Shadow Boxing

…on the treadmill. Not me, but the lady next to me. I decided to try a 40 minute run on the treadmill and, thankfully, the achilles held out. I was running my pants off to some funky music on Radio 1 and I became aware of this odd movement in the corner of my eye. I quickly glanced round and saw the woman on the next but one tready was shuffling along and punching the air in front of her in a kind of attempt at shadow boxing. Oh, it was funny. Thing was, she couldn’t co-ordinate the feet with the hands, so looked all disjointed and a bit daft really.

Back to the radio, I was listening to whoever it is that DJs at about 7.30 in the evening and has what sounded like an Australian accent. Well, I was all bemused because he kind of raps over the songs or something, very strange, but interesting at the same time.

Why on earth do I ever run outside?!


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