I had the park all to myself

I was sitting around at my desk in my running gear, waiting for this rain to stop (what a contrast to yesterday) and being called a ‘fair-weather runner’ by Edward, and realised it simply wasn’t going to ease, so I just went for it. It’s not cold or anything, just peedling it down. I stood around for ages getting wet while my Garmin tried to pick up a signal – I wonder what other people do while they wait…there’s a project there – and just set off in the end, getting bored with it. I stopped at the top of the park where there are no buildings and got a signal eventually.

The park was completely empty.

I did a combination of one minute fast/one minute slow. As much as I love running in the sunshine, I quite like the rain…secretly…it makes you feel like a real runner, dedication. I enjoyed the fast bits and had to hold back on the slow bits, going up the hill fast was fun!

Distance: 2.49 miles (short, I know)

Time: 23 minutes 26 seconds

Average Pace: 9.24

Best Pace: 6.16

Calories: 272 (that’ll be the crunch cream biscuits I had earlier with a cup of tea;)


2 thoughts on “I had the park all to myself

  1. ann rapstoff says:

    ohh you are brave Adele sadly I sat in doors in front of the computer sipping coffee and watching my leaking wall bubble up.

    I just wanted to say that I can truly call myself a beginner kindred spirit fit artist now. I have been going to the gym in secret now for three monthes. After three monthes on a trial membership I am now the proud owner of a plastic card enablng me to be a full member of my local gym, I am also truly committed to the journey of becoming (notice the word becoming) a fit artist too, and you have truly been my inspiration Adele, maybe one day I will be a fit artist like you -perhaps being able to run on a tread mill instead of dragging myself along at a dispiriting speed of about 4.6, but I can say that I truly no longer need to take asprin after a body pump session and can now bend my knees and get up in one full flowing movement (you dont know what that does for me “body image”) I am hoping that one day I will be able to show myself as a fully fledged fit artist in the real world one day soon. In the meantime Adele I wil keep reading and imagining that I too can pedal a bike in the rain and come back home feeling fit, instead of ready for a hot bath and a cup of tomato soup and bed.
    love annX

  2. fitartist says:

    Wow, it’s such a great feeling to think that I’ve inspired someone to get fit(ter)! Hoorah! It sounds like you are doing it just right too: build up slowly, that’s the only way or you’ll get injured or bored.

    When I very first started ‘running’ I would come back feeling really awful, having set off too fast, I couldn’t run for a couple of minutes without having to stop, and now it’s fun!

    Good luck Ann, and well done on ‘coming out’ as a fit artist 🙂

    A xx
    PS I had a lovely cup of tea after my run in the rain, that need never goes away!

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