Whilst running along the canal today, this article was playing on my mind. I read with interest in this weekend’s Observer, the article about going on ‘holiday’ along the canal that I run along. Well, talk about rude! Granted, there are some pretty grim areas around Enfield, with lots of rubbish and a very industrial area, but there are some really lovely bits, like the area around Lock 16, with the many houseboats, and the bit by the rowing club and beyond. I felt very defensive towards ‘my canal’; it can be quite a joyous place, with lots of interesting wildlife and the chance to observe the changing seasons.

The writer is obviously disheartened with London in general, and seems keen to comment only on the negative aspects of certain areas but, she lives in Hackney it seems, so maybe needs to get out more on foot and explore those areas that she passed through, it’s not all bad.

I’m getting wound up again…where are those maggots I was saving to throw at irritating writers…?


2 thoughts on “Disparaging

  1. fitartist says:

    It is like another world! I always come back with stories of the swans/geese/cormorants that I’ve seen. And all just a horn’s toot away from the main road!

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