‘Put your belly button against your spine’

Ok then! I went to a Pilates class today, probably the first since I was at Laban many years ago. I think I enjoyed it, I like all the stretching and breathing, like yoga, and my abs certainly felt well worked by the end! Having only done Pilates within the dance school structure, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so was suprised by the plinky-plonky (but rather relaxing) music and the odd manner of the teacher.

I quite liked her style of teaching, she was very firm in the way she delivered her instructions, but was very caring/careful and came round and adjusted my position a couple of times, always reassuring. I think I will be going again – she lifted up her top to show us how to do a particular move and she had the most incredible abs, like Kelly Holmes. If that’s what Pilates does for you, I’m a convert!


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