Happy Christmas!

I would like to say a big Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2007 to all the readers/followers of FitArtist; thank you for your support during this very fit and busy year!

Edward and I went on a typical FitArtist style walk to construct our Christmas message, you can see this by clicking here.

So, what do I have planned for 2007? Well, it’s going to be quite different from 2006, with no marathons or 91 mile treks, just a little marathon of sorts at the end of June, when I am due to give birth. Regular readers may have noticed how quiet it has been on the Fit-ness front, this is due to my feeling nauseous 24/7 for the past 12 weeks or so, and needing to sleep a lot more as the baby grows rapidly. Thankfully, I am now beginning to feel much more like myself, so should be up to some more regular physical activity soon.

Strange things that happen when you are pregnant:

– you want to sleep all the time. Very strange for someone who is normally so energetic.

– Things start to taste very odd! Almost immediately I went off tea – and I love tea. I can’t really stomach it at the moment because it tastes like fish! I have had days where all I want is cuppa soup (?!), or spicy food, or olives, or salty things, or hot Ribena…the list goes on. Things are now beginning to taste almost normal again as I feel less nauseous.

– Your body becomes suddenly vast and soft! I am constantly amazed at how quickly my body is transforming, already I have a little bump and feel more round and curvy. I’m already loving elasticated waist jeans – marvellous!

So, for someone who needs a constant physical challenge, this is going to be a strange few months for me. Of course, the pregnancy itself is a whole new period of change and growth (in many ways), but I would like to maintain my fitness and build the strength I will need to deal with the birth (I would like to have a natural birth), so I have signed up for the Swimathon. This might seem mad, but I’ve chosen the option that takes place between now and March, and my aim is to ‘swim the channel’ in that time, which I would probably do anyway. So, if you would like to sponsor me (the money goes to Marie Curie) click here. Go on!


4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Maxine says:

    Congratulations! That’s great news. Although I’m a bit disappointed to hear you won’t be doing another 91 mile trek when you’re 8 months pregnant. What are you, a bit lazy or something? 😉

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