Let the Challenge Begin!

I’m just back from the pool, where I swam 1k. Oh, I did enjoy it! After having this nasty cough for about a month, then a stomach bug, it felt great to actually get moving and feel out of breath.

I’m not sure Edward felt quite so happy about being dragged out of bed though!

So, this is the beginning of my Swimathon Challenge: I am aiming to swim the equivalent of the English Channel between now and March, and you can sponsor me to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care by CLICKING HERE.

1k down, 33k to go.


I’ve just worked through some of the exercises in my ‘Pilates for Pregnancy’ book (a birthday present from Gaelle and Steven – thank you!) and really quite enjoyed it. I have to remember that, even though these exercises seem quite harmless and easy, they are pretty powerful if you do them properly. It’s good that you are reminded to focus on breathing all the time because it makes you slow down and focus more.

I think I’ll enjoy all the stretching and releasing of it when the bump gets bigger too.


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