Blissed out

Mmmmmmm, I started my pregnancy yoga class today and feel totally lovely and relaxed (although I kind of unwound all the good work by getting the tube back, getting soaked in the sideways rain and popping in to Tesco on my way home. I’ll try and hold on to the magic a bit longer next time!) The class was really good. There were just four of us, one of whom was due two weeks ago (!) and another who is due in three weeks’ time. I was relieved to see a woman who is closer to my stage, so I felt less amateurish.

We did some variations on moves that I know already, but it was all incredibly relaxed and we used bolsters to sit on and did a lot of lovely deep breathing and relaxation. As the teacher has recently had a baby herself, there was a lot of focus on how to use these moves during labour to relieve pain and to get through it all more easily. I like the idea of being active and keeping moving, rather than lying flat out and relying on drugs for pain relief.

I was also pleased to find out that the other woman who is close to my stage is working towards a home birth too – at last, someone in the same position that I can talk to!

I got myself a yoga mat in TK Maxx yesterday, so will be able to practice at home and make the most of the experience.

It’s pink with big yellow Hawaiian flowers on it, very relaxing.


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