Another K Done!

I wrestled with my CBA side today and eventually found myself swimming up and down the lanes. Yesterday I phoned up the membership administrator and arranged to change my membership to just swimming because I’m not doing any classes there and it seems a bit wasteful. I knew that, after the polava of joining in the first place, it wasn’t going to be straightforward, but she was incredibly efficient and said ‘Just change your card to the ‘blue membership’ at the desk when you go in next’. Of course, the bloke on the desk was totally clueless and it took a few phrasings of the same words to get this across to him. We’ll see if my direct debit is done properly next month…

So, I was ploughing through the water and a girl waved at me ‘Excuse me! I’ve lost my hairband, can you dive under and get it?’ I realised that I’m rubbish at diving under (I just float back up – is it all the extra water in my body?) and managed to grab it with my toes in the end. Anyway, I did a delicious 1km then had a chocolatey shower…lots of lovely body lotions and the like for Christmas…

While I was in the cubicle getting dressed I could hear a shreaky lady shouting at her children, it sounded like she had her hands full. At one point she shouted ‘Is that pooh?!’. Oh dear, I’ve said it before, but those changing rooms are truly foul. They have a new notice up about how they are commited to cleanliness. Yeah, right.

2k down, 32 to go.


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