Taking the tree for a walk

Yes, you read it right. I did quite a lot of walking over the weekend, some not planned. We wanted to recycle our Christmas tree, and I had found out on the Haringey Council website that you could take your old tree to the local park (note to council here: you could have put this information in the leaflet drop about revised collection times over Christmas/New Year, to encourage residents to recycle rather than dump). Well, off Edward and I set with the tree but, when we had wandered around the park for a bit, we found no sign of a recycling point. I had read that you could also go to Bruce Castle Park, so we reluctantly headed off up there. 

For some reason Edward was embarrassed by walking along the street with a tree; I found it amusing and reminded him that we were ‘doing our bit’. Eventually we got to the park and the correct recycling point, but nobody was there to welcome us and thank us for our efforts, so we left the tree and walked off with our heads down.

We had planned to go for a long walk around Hampstead Heath yesterday, but I got way-laid making shortbread for our afternoon tea visit to Nick and Nadine’s, so we just ended up walking to their’s which I imagine is about 2 and a half to three miles. It was a 50 minute walk anyway. During both walks I saw lots of runners – I guess it’s that time of year and a good time for weekend runners too. I felt odd walking around the park and not running, and wanted to shout out ‘I’m a runner too!’.


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