No, I’m not bored, just terribly relaxed after my pregnancy yoga class. I noticed this on the Tube coming back, I just couldn’t stop yawning! The class was as marvellous as last week’s, with lots more tips and moves to help ease stiff backs and so on. It’s the little practical tips that I think will really help, such as relaxing your facial muscles during labour to help relax the pelvis. I was wondering to myself whether these things will even cross my mind when it comes to the actual moment, but I hope that I will build up a stock of useful things over the next few months.

I was nearly blown away on my way home – we have winds of around 80/90mph and there were wheelie bins, boxes, people all being swept into my path, not an easy walk. When I got home I discovered that one of our fence panels at the back had blown over and snapped. Edward went out to put something heavy on it to stop it blowing around the garden.


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