Defensive Swimming

Oh dear, the early evening session at the pool is definitely a no-go zone! For whatever reason, I ended up going at 6.30pm and regretting it as soon as I entered the pool area. The children’s swimming lessons were on, so all the lanes were taken over and there was a space of around two lane’s width with about 25 people in it. I did my best and managed 22 lengths, but it was hardly the relaxing swim I had envisaged: I was really nervous about being kicked in the stomach. People were having to dodge each other, the children bobbing about and diving, people floating on their backs, width-swimmers and flailers (people who sort of attack the water intermittently and fling their limbs around as if they have no joints). There were a few moments where I swam one-handed with the other hand protecting my bump.

Not good.

I will try and go again tomorrow and make up for today’s rubbishy effort.

22 lengths swum.


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