Growth Spurt

I think Eric (the bump) is having a little growth spurt today: my lower back is really aching and I have a stitch-like ache towards the bottom of the bump (I guess this is the ligaments stretching). I decided a swim might help ease my back. I timed it so the pool was nice and quiet, and I really enjoyed my up and down meditation. I love it when the pool is quiet and you can concentrate on stretching everything out and not worry about dodging between people. I think the other swimmers were enjoying it too and the whole thing would have been lovely with a gentle soundtrack and some slow-motion sequences.

I’m still having problems with my goggles. I really do like them because they don’t fog up, but I look like I have black eyes or seriously bad sleep deprivation afterwards. If I loosen them just slightly, they let in water. Hmmmm, can’t win.

1k swum.Β 

7k 220m down 26k 780m to go.


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