Deep stretch

Mmmmmm, I *heart* yoga.

My class was as lovely as always and we seemed to spend more time on postures and deeper stretches today. We did some variations of moves I have done before in non-pregnancy classes, but using a chair to support…and I took it to a deeper stretch which was really satisfying and felt kind of luxurious. I suppose I hadn’t realised just how much I focus on my stretching when I have been running, I spend a long time at the end of a run stretching everything that feels it needs it, and this has obviously paid off.

I think I might take some notes of movements that we are taught that are specifically helpful during labour – I imagine things will come to me as I need them on the day, but it might be good to have some notes to jog my memory (I think my mind might be a bit foggy at that point!). Some of the things I think might be of use are:

– kneeling on all fours and snaking the spine, moving the hips from side to side (also arching and curving of the spine)

– ‘funny walks’ where you lift your legs really high like an exaggerated walk, and another, which is a lower walk with really wiggly hips

– sitting on one knee with the other leg bent in front and rock the leg from side to side, heavily. This warms up the hip joint and generates energy there

– leaning the hands against the wall and kind of stepping from foot to foot

These things are all really helpful in keeping the blood circulating and opening up the pelvis. Apparently the ‘funny walks’ can help to regulate and even out the contractions. There are a few more months before I will be engaging these actions anyway!


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